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  • Turning right on to the orbital route up Regent Street from Lawrence Street

    Created by Mr Andrew Woodhouse // 1 thread

    When trying to turn right up Regent Street to join the orbital route from Lawrence Street cyclists have to use the main traffic straight on lane indicating right and stopping at the junction, with no safe marked or protected bay to direct traffic from either direction around them. Making the cyclist exposed and also confusing and frustrating drivers.
    Coming up Lawrence street I often feel intimidated by drivers as I indicate right and pull into the straight on lane, I guess as they don't understand that cyclists can turn right and cars can't, there is no indication to the traffic that this is possible, with either road markings approaching or at the junction. Also when turning right the cyclist is faced with oncoming traffic itself trying to turn right, not understanding why the cyclist is positioned where they are in the road, and maybe also taking up the possibly safe space that the cyclist needs to use to get out of the traffic.

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  • Route 66 Junction with University Road and Green Dykes Lane

    Created by Mr Andrew Woodhouse // 1 thread

    When following the Route 66 in either direction near the North West corner of the University and trying to leave it to go up University Road to Green Dykes lane cyclists are pushed on to the road near the brow of a hill, where there is little or no visibility of traffic on one or more directions. Also coming from the East cyclists are sent down the hill to then cycle up the hill again, or forced to cycle along an often muddy path.
    If there were a paved route from the 66 to the brow of the hill where University Road becomes Green Dykes lane, this would give cyclists a route to a point where they could safely see in either direction to join the road, or cycle on the unofficial cycle path (dirt/gravel/grass route) down the east side of Green Dykes Lane.

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