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York Cycle Campaign exists to help make York a better place for cycling.

  • Concealed cycle path

    Created by Steph Potter // 0 threads

    This is a junction of a suburban road and a gravelled shared pedestrian/cycle route through Fish Pond Woods.  Unfortunately, the dropped kerb to turn from the road onto the path does not line up with the path and there are no double yellow lines to prevent people from parking immediately blocking the path. Once on the path, the path is too narrow and poorly gravelled that it is difficult to try to stop or swerve if meeting a pedestrian or oncoming cyclist. 

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  • Tricky crossing to get onto Lendal Bridge from cycle route

    Created by Kirsty Penkman // 1 thread

    It is very tricky to get onto Lendal bridge from the south while cycling; this is a major crossing point for bikes, as it is the junction for cyclists (including families) coming along the river from both directions if they need to get into the centre of town (i.e. the Minster).  Currently it is just a pedestrian crossing, which therefore involves cyclists having to get off their bikes, cross the road, and then get back onto their bikes in a dangerous position, just at a sharp left-hand bend.  If this could be modified (e.g. toucan crossing etc.), that would be really helpful.

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  • Highway Code changes

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    A bill is being put forward to sentence any cyclist convicted of dangerous cycling to a 14 year prison term.

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  • A19 Southbound at Germany Beck pinch point

    Created by Mick Allan // 1 thread

    Cyclists travelling southwards on the approach to Germany Beck Spine rd are seriously pinched by traffic. Drivers have always sped up here as they near the 40mph zone with the promise of the ring road beyond. With the recent addition of traffic lights at this point they are even more inclined to speed up for fear of being delayed by a changing traffic light. There's a nominal slip road for traffic making a left turn (towards Fordlands and GB estate) and the lane narrows like a funnel at this point. To make matters worse the mild sweep to the right and a slight change in slope on the approach to this point makes it very difficult to see that the road gets narrower. There's also a drain cover precisely on the apex of the pinch point which requires bicyclists to make a choice - ride over the drain cover or pull out to go around it. Riders who adopt a strong primary position going through this junction, but those who ride in the gutter will get squeezed. And there's certainly not enough space for a car to make a safe pass of a cyclist here. The idea of riding through here with a truck or a bus on my arse fills me with dread. It's an accident waiting to happen. 

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