No lighting on cycle route.

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Added by HelenofYork

North of Scarborough Bridge in York, there is an excellent off-road cycle track (part of Route 65 to Beningborough Hall) which is very well-used. Unfortunately there is very little lighting on this track, except for where there are adjacent houses, so it is extremely difficult to use after dark. As it is much more hazardous to ride in traffic after dark in winter, it is doubly annoying that the track is in effect out of bounds at night. People in dark clothing, dogs, other unlit cyclists ( :( ) and in some places, cows, make it far too hazardous to use without lights. A quick and cheap improvement which would go some way towards making it useable without disturbing the local wildlife with bright lights, would be lining both sides of the track with solar 'runway' lights. Once they are in, the only maintenance required for these is to keep the grass cut back so they aren't obscured.


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