Sudden disappearance of off-road path

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Added by Anon

This is a bit of a York classic. You're on Piccadilly, and you want to reach Fishergate. What do you do? Well. head south along Piccadilly and you'll see a sign guiding you to the off-road link of Dixon Lane to the normally dead quiet George Street. You then follow George Street all the way to Fishergate Bar, and everything feels very civilised. You cross with the pedestrians on to the shared path street outside the Barbican, continuing to head south along the marked off-road cycle/pedestrian lane to the side of the Barbican. Bliss - the Council does care about cyclists' safety and convenience, it really does! But then you reach Kent Street, and the confusion starts. There's a sign pointing to the right - where's the path? Turns out there is no path - you're expected to join the road without even a painted cycle lane. Turning left from Kent Street on to Fishergate. a rudimentary painted cycle lane emerges, but it's not enough to prevent stupidly close overtakes by motorists as happened to me today.

Personally, I think there is sufficient room to provide better for cyclists here. Either way, this summary end of provision for cyclists really ain't great at all.


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